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Elza's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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(here's looking at you)

[17 Jul 2003|12:10pm]
Oh, what a terrible, terrible shame.

(here's looking at you)

[14 Jul 2003|02:22am]
Well, well, well. Look who's finally decided to notice me.

(here's looking at you)

Hmph. [05 Jul 2003|12:15am]
And Clive has lost me in a matter of hours. It's almost sad, really.

(1 flight | here's looking at you)

[03 Jul 2003|09:49am]
Whoops, missed him. Not that I did that on purpose or anything. Anyway, I'm out of here. Ja.

(7 flights | here's looking at you)

[02 Jul 2003|11:42pm]
... I realize that a dramatic pause before the fatal shot is a prerequisite for a duel between gunners, but this is going a little far.

(here's looking at you)

[01 Jul 2003|01:24am]
Oh, honestly. Here, this should get his attention.

(4 flights | here's looking at you)

[29 Jun 2003|10:28am]
He's so wrapped up in stalking Nash that he hasn't noticed me staring at him from the top of this building for three hours.

This is getting sad.

(2 flights | here's looking at you)

[28 Jun 2003|11:17am]
So he's here in Muse, too. Well, this can't be good.

Though he seems somewhat preoccupied with sneakily following the boy around at the moment.

(2 flights | here's looking at you)

[18 Jun 2003|05:16am]
Who would have guessed the boy would show up here. Maybe I'll try a round at seducing him this time?

(1 flight | here's looking at you)

[17 Jun 2003|05:39am]
Where on earth is that screaming coming from?

(2 flights | here's looking at you)

[13 Jun 2003|11:21pm]
Mmm... looks like the City-States leaders are beginning to gather for that annual meeting of theirs. Think I'll liberate some food and supplies from the market while everyone is distracted by the pomp and circumstance.

(here's looking at you)

[13 Jun 2003|09:08am]
I suppose the best way to kick this thing off would be to write about my day. It was pretty much like every day of my life, that is, craftily hiding and walking very very fast. I had some popcorn for breakfast, so that was a change.

I'm close to Muse now. I should probably stop in to pick up some supplies... I really need to learn to disguise myself better, don't I?

(5 flights | here's looking at you)

[12 Jun 2003|07:20pm]
Hmmm... what's this? A journal? Sounds like a waste of time. Oh, well, might be amusing.

Maybe I'll leave it for Clive when I get bored with it.

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